To (Mom) Life

Episode 82: Clear your Space; Clear your Mind

March 02, 2022 Jodi Fried
To (Mom) Life
Episode 82: Clear your Space; Clear your Mind
Show Notes

Summary: This week's guest is Rebekah Saltzman who is the founder of Balagan Be Gone. Balagan Be Gone helps women live their best life by curating a collection of their best stuff. In this week's episode, Rebekah and Jodi address why it is so important to declutter your life, how to handle both children and husband decluttering, and Rebekah’s 36 decluttering challenge.
About Our Guest: Rebekah holds a degree in fashion design from Parsons School of Design, and for many years worked as a graphic designer. Rebekah’s passion for the environment and helping people improve their lives drove her to change careers and create Balagan Be Gone.  A native of Silver Spring, Maryland, Rebekah lives with her husband and three children in Israel.

Show Notes:

5:24 Why is it so Important to Declutter?
More possessions, more worry. If you have too much stuff, you end up working for your stuff instead of your stuff working for you.

8:10 How Do You Balance Getting Rid of Stuff and Depriving our Children of Things They May Want?

I don't think your kids necessarily notice how much they have or don't have. I'm not saying necessarily get rid of all your toys. I'm saying think about how many you actually need to have.

12:14 How to Declutter Kid's Artwork, Pictures, and Workbooks.

I definitely talk about this in my new book coming out...what I always used to do with my kids was I gave them each a drawer, and at the end of each day, that's where they would put their artwork. And I would take a picture of them holding their artwork for the week.

16:15 Practical Tips on How to Get Rid of Stuff. 

It's gonna take time for you to feel comfortable having less, so you don't have to do it all at once. You can go slow. But pick a reasonable number, and start to weed out the things that don't serve you anymore. 

20:07 What Do you Recommend in Terms of Husbands?

 Don't throw out other people's stuff. Gently prompt them to go through their stuff later on. But you got to be patient with them.

22:05 Rebekah  36 Day Challenge

What I designed was this 36 Passover challenge that actually ends the Sunday before Passover. I go through the whole house with you in 15 to 30 minute daily challenges that go straight to your inbox, they're designed to be short and get you started on the decluttering train. 

27:42 “Organize Jewish Life” and Rebekah Planner
I wrote it when my mom passed away in 2020. Because even though I had prepared myself by reading about how to sit Shiva when I actually needed to sit Shiva, I didn't know how to do it. …and as I was writing the checklist out, I'm like, Whoa, I need to make this into like everything Jewish.  So I decided to make it all into one large book called organized Jewish life.
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