To (Mom) Life

Episode 85: How Questioning Your Beliefs Can Help Heal Trauma

March 23, 2022 Season 2 Episode 85
To (Mom) Life
Episode 85: How Questioning Your Beliefs Can Help Heal Trauma
Show Notes


In this week’s episode, Jodi chats with Chana Mason who is a life coach and author. Her books are Hold That Thought and Inner Voices. In this episode, Chana shares how her childhood trauma shaped her worldview and how she has worked towards healing.

Show Notes:
2:51 Chana’s mom was held at gunpoint
“There was a knock at the door and five armed men barged into the house. They had my mom at gunpoint for two hours and they were trying to figure out how to embezzle money. This was a real thing that happened in Colombia. My family knew of people who had been kidnapped and never returned. They were targeting our family. They knew everything about us.” 

 4:51 Fleeing the country
“Once people follow you and know everything about you, you basically have to flee the country. Within 48 hours, we fled the country. My father still had his factory in Colombia so every single time he had to go back he made sure his routine was different so people couldn't keep track of him.”

 5:35 Traumatized and no therapy
“None of us got therapy. None of us got help. I came to the conclusion that the world wasn’t a safe place. I had nightmares. Everywhere I went, I was scared I would be kidnapped or raped. There was so much anxiety and eventually depression.” 

 9:30 Healing
“I’m a person who lives with soul and that consciousness was deep within me. Having people reflect back to me a higher level of spiritual consciousness was huge.”

 11:47 Questioning beliefs
“In both of my books, I teach people tools of how to look at the stories, beliefs and thoughts that they have about a specific situation or themselves or life in general and question those beliefs to shift to a different mindset.”  

 14:12 The Slow Poke Technique
“Slow things down and figure out what the moment was before you got upset.”

 20:55 Connecting to God
“Deciding to connect to God no matter what, even when life looks bleak.” 

 22:22 Children need to learn how to heal trauma too
“Kids aren’t good at interpersonal relationships when they’re younger but they get better at it every day.”

 23:18 Distancing yourself from false beliefs
“In questioning the truthfulness of that belief, it takes you a step away from it and it allows you to realize that it doesn’t belong to you. Embedded in that belief are lessons to teach you.” 

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