To (Mom) Life

Episode 86: Reaching out: The importance of uplifting others

March 30, 2022 Season 2 Episode 86
To (Mom) Life
Episode 86: Reaching out: The importance of uplifting others
Show Notes

In this week’s episode, Jodi chats with Chani Schreibhand, the founder of, about Chani’s experience creating her magazine. Chani personally speaks about how this magazine was formed and how she used her personal experiences of witnessing women helping other women to feel inspired to create this magazine. In this episode Chani addresses how she prepares for Pesach and what she values about this time. 

 Show Notes: 

 6:22 Up-lift magazine
“The uplift is about reaching out to women, I would say from the age of 35, and up. Women who are in the stage of life that have maybe a very young child at home, then a teenager, or late teens getting married, the first child getting married, or the grandmother who is at the stage of her menopause, and that stage of life. And it's a conversation that you would have about your health, about your kitchen, about doing Pesach about anything that you would like to ask a friend.”  

11:13 Why there aren’t no images of people in the magazine
“ I really feel that when you see a person you right away judge the person … we right away make an assumption even though we might not want to but we automatically do that. And I feel very much that articles speak for themselves and we don't have to know who wrote it.”

 13:23 How did uplift evolve?
“We had a charity, it was called ‘informal project’ and it was to do with education and homes and counseling … I started this Whatsapp group and the Whatsapp group was just for the women…but there's a lot of people who are not on Whatsapp or have no social media at all … and that's when I said, let's make a magazine”

19:44 Some of the most inspirational stories Chani came across
“This woman came to my house, and I saw that she wasn't happy. And I asked her, you know, what's the matter? She started talking and she had just experienced a really horrible thing with IVF. And she had lost the baby on that day … I said, I'm really sad. You're really sad. We'll give each other a breath. And let's hope that you'll see goodness, I'll see goodness, and we'll be fine. And it just all came together … that was really an amazing thing of how a woman could be good to another woman and how we could connect.” 

 22:22 Core ideals of Uplift
“It was meant to be a space that another woman should recognize your need for some space … It was all little things of women just reaching out to other women.” 

 24:41 Pieces of advice for ladies listening and preparing for Pesach
“I think you have to remember that the main thing about making a Seder, in any Pesach, is not about the cleaning. And it's not about the cooking. And it's not about making your fancy, fancy fancy. It's about the memory that you're giving your children” 


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Host: Jodi Fried
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