To (Mom) Life

Episode 87: Fostering Positivity With Your Children

April 06, 2022 Jodi Fried Season 2 Episode 87
To (Mom) Life
Episode 87: Fostering Positivity With Your Children
Show Notes


This week, Jodi chats with Devorah Sisso about fostering positivity in your home. As a professional motivator and life coach, Devorah offers key insights about the dangers of toxic negativity and offers up her own experience with overcoming a negative mindset. With all the stress and business of motherhood, Devorah explains how to conquer those feelings through gratitude.

About Our Guest: 

Devorah is a Torah Educator, Motivational Speaker, and Life Coach.

Show Notes: 

1:18 Reinforcing positive habits in your children 

“We need to stay away from negativity because that negativity comes as energy and that energy sticks, and we end up seeing the world from a negative lens.”

6:54 Fostering a positive mindset

“Let’s get real, your kids are a copy paste of what you are. You and your husband, that’s what they see, that’s what they are.”

9:36 Devora’s journey overcoming negativity

“The steps of breakthrough are when you understand that gratitude is a must. You have to stop, every single day, and you have to sit yourself down and you have to do this. "

12:11 Talking to your children about Lashon Hara (speaking badly about others)

 “It’s crucial that first and foremost, that your children know they can talk to you about anything, you’re literally a one stop shop for anything. Now, you’re gonna navigate them just like you navigate them with screen time and sugar and all that. You’re gonna navigate them in the way they talk.”

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Host: Jodi Fried

Guest: Devorah Sisso

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