To (Mom) Life

Episode 89: Tapping as a Method of Healing

June 15, 2022 Jodi Fried
To (Mom) Life
Episode 89: Tapping as a Method of Healing
Show Notes

This week, Jodi speaks with Pearl Lopian.  Pearl is an EFT Practitioner. Jodi and Pearl chat about how tapping can be used to unpack tramas and change one's perceptions for a better life. Tune in to also hear about how tapping can also lead to healthier relationships with other people, especially one’s children. 

About Our Guest
Pearl Lopian is a certified EFT (Emotional freedom technique) practitioner and the Executive Director of The EFT Tapping Institute. She specializes in anxiety, trauma, weight issues and surrogate work for parents to better their relationship with their children.

Show Notes

5:28 What is tapping?
“When they [people] are tapping, changing brainwave states into the more hypnotic areas, and we get to see what is going on in our deeper mind that makes us behave the way we do.”

7:30 Clearing the memory
“We take memories and we move them to healthier places in the brain so that we no longer feel them, there's no need to still feel them in our body…we feel better, perceptions start to change.”

9:34 Unpacking  the perceptions around  clients' issues before a tapping session
“When we want something we say it, it is really important to articulate what we want then our brain wants to make it happen for us,we say the words that we want and then we use the body to notice how the body reacts to those sentences…no [we] don’t go into perception…we are accessing it in a different way

12:43 Following the breath  and finding success in something you love
“It's just never too late to follow a calling or make an impact and really and really feel very good about where you are and what you're doing.”

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