To (Mom) Life

Episode 68: Empowering Your Children in the Face of Adversity

November 25, 2021 Jodi Fried Season 2
To (Mom) Life
Episode 68: Empowering Your Children in the Face of Adversity
Show Notes

One of the most demanding aspects of motherhood is leading by example. How can you find that balance between raising children and empowering yourself all at the same time? How can you find enough confidence in yourself to then pass on to your children? Who better to answer these questions than this week’s guest Liba Yoffe? Together, Jodi and Liba discuss the importance of empowering oneself and what you can do to set both you and your children up for self-fulfillment and confidence, even in the face of adversity.

About Our Guest:

I am the last person anyone expected would be a CEO of a company. 

I’m Liba. Mom of four, living in Arizona and CEO of Spirit Fit Life. SFL is my brainchild. I created this platform in order to help women worldwide be the leaders of their own lives. At SFL, we coach women on how to build strength from the inside out; to be the leaders of their lives, minds and careers. SFL has changed the lives of hundreds of women around the world. We’re the ONLY program that delivers such a high level program for women, promoting their inner strength and leadership in fitness, holistic nutrition, self growth, business coaching, leadership, pre and postnatal programs and more. Managing my team, impacting hundreds of women around the globe… It's really crazy! But ASK me how SFL has become a booming company so fast that makes such a massive impact? The answer is pure drive and a passion to make a MASSIVE impact on women’s lives.

Show Notes:

5:55 Finding a balance between motherhood and empowering oneself

“I knew that in order to raise a confident daughter, I needed to be fully confident within myself to really be that example for her.”

8:01 Reconciling confidence and modesty

10:42 Helping your children feel comfortable in athletics

“Embody what you’re trying to encourage in your daughter. If you want her to go on a run, go on a run with her. Whole her that you’re doing it too, in a skirt, with your hair covered, whatever it takes.”

15:41 Instilling self-confidence in your children when facing adversity

“We have this organization called Hairoes, we hold events for kids with alopecia and we have support groups for the parents, and we started that because we saw how many parents were so distraught and whatever the parents thought, that’s what the kids thought.”

18:37 Finding confidence within yourself so you can pass it on your children

“As moms it’s so important to know that while we care so much about our children and we’ll go fight for them, if we go and do that, we also have to do that for ourselves.”

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