To (Mom) Life

Episode 71: Talking with Your Son about Puberty

December 15, 2021 Jodi Fried
To (Mom) Life
Episode 71: Talking with Your Son about Puberty
Show Notes

Discussing puberty and the changes that happen to one’s body, known in layman’s terms as “The Talk,” can be a difficult conversation to have with your child. With that said, it doesn’t have to be as rocky as  you may think. In this episode, Jodi talks with certified sex therapist and psychologist Dr. Shy Krug to  discuss how to keep an open dialogue with your child, how to set a safe space for discussions early on,  and when it’s time to have that conversation. 

Show Notes: 

5:00 Accessibility to the Internet and its risks 
“At a really young age, you really have the entire world of information at the palm of your hand, which means you are now within reach to basically anything.”

8:01 Keeping an open dialogue with your son 
“…You need to have the foundational dialogue and relationship there in the first place. So I think, first  and foremost, is how do you tend to the relationship?”

11:13 Setting a safe space early on 
“When a child is four, five, six, seven years old, you’re able to start having more of a substantive,  interactive relationship with the child, that continues to evolve…” 

16:34 When and how to have “The Talk” 
“Are we using anatomically correct language when we’re talking to a toddler about their anatomy and  their physiology? We’re creating […] this culture of open dialogue…” 

21:06 It’s never too late 
“There’s always room in relationships and in life to find improvements for things and to work on things and develop and take into [account] your values.”

22:08 Advice for yeshiva education and co-education 
“Just because you have those two different educational styles does not inherently mean they’re exposed to different information.”

25:55 Agenda-driven curiosity versus non-agenda-driven curiosity 
“Some parents will interrogate their kids: ‘Where are you going tonight?’ ‘Who are you spending time  with?’ […] They’re trying to maintain a sense of control.” 

27:45 The balance between masculinity and vulnerability 
“Your vulnerability can actually show you what’s important to you. It’s highlighting for you what  matters to you.” (32:23)

Host: Jodi Fried
Guest: Dr. Shy Krug
Editors: Maximus Quirino and Rae Valtapaz