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Episode 77: How to help Your Kid/s Clean their rooms

January 26, 2022 Jodi Fried Season 2 Episode 77
To (Mom) Life
Episode 77: How to help Your Kid/s Clean their rooms
Show Notes

In this episode, Jodi speaks with Alyssa Wolf from yourunbusylife. The two discuss how to get your kid/s to clean their room. Alyssa shares practical tricks and tips to help you encourage your child regarding how to clean up without much fuss or stress. This way, you can teach your child basic responsibilities and also have them help YOU by taking on some responsibility around the house. Alright ladies, this episode will teach you how to let your kids help you and it could change your life!

Alyssa Wolff is a minimalism junky, introvert, bookworm, mom of 5, and productivity coach at yourunbusylife who helps moms be 'unbusy'. She is a mom to 5 and has her own podcast.

2:55 What goes on in a child’s head when they refuse to clean up
“Immediately they take a look at the room and they kind of go into brain freeze. ‘What do I pick first? I can start here, here, here, here, and they don't seem to have the cognitive maturity yet to just say, Okay, eat the elephant one bite at a time. Just grab one thing, put it away’ 

4:30: Ways to help your child overcome the overwhelm and naturally clean their rooms
“We have to double down and do the hard part right now because they think that doing the chores is the tough part. But we know better. It's keeping up and training and explaining and saying no, I'm not letting you get away with that. These are the rules and you're required to pay”

7:15 How to help your child compartmentalize cleaning up
“Three and under, I am down on the ground with them … as they get older, I start standing further off. I might stay in the room as the monitor … the nine or 10 year old, you can say I want you to pick up that set and that set. You can go off and leave them to it because they shouldn't be responsible enough”

8:30 Dos and Don'ts of cleaning up

9:40: When a child is defiant or too tired to clean up
“If they're just yawning their heads off, I'm gonna say go to bed.”

11:30 Different organizational methods of cleaning up
There are 4 main ways that one organizes based upon personality. Find your child’s preferred organizational style and follow suit.

19:00 Siblings who have different levels of organizational responsibility
“Ask each child sometimes by themselves … what chores they like best”

25:30: Little and easy tasks that a child can do to take some relief off of us

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Host: Jodi Fried
Guest: Alyssa Wolff
Editor: Matt Feiler